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Through out its history the FLORIDA Council of Administrators of Special Education (FLOCASE) has proven to be an effective influential organization in the State of Florida which provides powerful support and professional development to its membership. The mission of the FLOCASE is to provide leadership and support to members by shaping policies and practices which impact the quality of education.

Now, more than ever, your membership in the FLOCASE organization can assist you as you grow professionally and develop services at the district, state and national level for students with disabilities. It is our hope that FLOCASE can assist in being your springboard to excellence.

To become a member you should reside in the State of Florida and join CEC/CASE. Then you will become an automatic member of National CASE and FLOCASE and will be included in our directory and list serve.

To join visit the Council for Exceptional Children CEC website ( or click here to go directly to the Membership Information Area.

Download the CEC New Membership School/District Package Brochure.

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